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Aracks02BAMATIME Magazine is the first Pre-Season COLLECTOR’S Edition Magazine devoted to Alabama Football. Our goal is to provide a first-class publication for its fan base.

BamaTime Magazine is credentialed media!

Want to Reach Loyal Customers?

Advertise in the Largest Sold and Circulated Single Copy Newsstand Magazine in Alabama!


Showcase your business to THE most profitable market! Tide fans are loyal and are looking for Alabama supporters to do business with! Estimated readership of BAMATIME Magazine is over 95,000+.


Published only once a season. Typically is placed on the fans living room coffee table during the season and is read from cover-to-cover. BAMATIME is referred to often by family members and friends. After the season, it’s kept as a Collector’s Guide for many years.


Purchased by Alabama Fans and Alumni at Walmart, Walgreens, Winn-Dixie,  Kroger, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Sporting Goods Retailers, Convenience Stores and at BamaTime.com.


Male 68%
Female 32%

76% between ages of 18 and 54

71% Married

55% have Household Incomes of 70K or more

70% College Degreed


Get your message out by advertising in a high quality magazine that fans eagerly look forward to purchasing starting every June. Get your message into the hands of key decision makers and align yourself with the positive vibes that come from BAMATIME!

The #1 Selling Single Copy Newsstand Magazine!

The #1 Shelf Life – averaging 5 to 6 months on the newsstands!

The #1 Most Read Magazine.

The average magazine reader spends about 45 minutes per issue (Source: MRI). The average BAMATIME reader will spend over 4 + hours reading the magazine before and during the football season. There will be about 4 – 8 readers Per Copy of BAMATIME Magazine.

We are primarily a family magazine, the father or mother purchases our magazine each year. Mom and Dad read it, the kids read it, and friends and relatives visiting read it as well.

98% of our readers will live in Alabama!

Over 30% of our purchases are made by females.

The overwhelming majority of households that purchase BAMATIME this season will have the magazine in their living room or on their coffee table a year from now.


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Full Page, 4C
Live Area- 7 3/8”W x 9 7/8”H(Live Area) Bleed Ad w/1/8” trim – 8 1/2”W x 11 1/8”H

2/3 Page, 4C
4 7/8”W x 9 13/16”H Bleed Ad- 5 5/8”W x 11 1/8”H

½ Page Horizontal, 4C
7 3/8”W x 4 3/4”H

½ Page Island, 4C
4 7/8”W x 7 3/8”H

1/3 Page Square, 4C
4 7/8”W x 4 3/4”H

1/3 Page Vertical, 4C
2 5/16”W x 9 13/16”H

1/6 Page Vertical, 4C
2 5/16”W x 4 3/4”H

1/6 Page Horizontal, 4C
4 7/8″ W x 2-5/16″ H

Back Cover, 4C
Same as Full Page/Full Pg. Bleed

Inside Front Cover, 4C
Same as Full Page/Full Pg. Bleed

Page 1, 4C
Same as Full Page/Full Pg. Bleed

Inside Back Cover
Same as Full Page/Full Pg.Bleed

Full Page Landscape, 4C
Live Area- 10”W x 71/2”H Landscape (Above SEC Schedule)
Bleed Ad w/1/8” trim- 11 1/8”W x 8 1/2H

2 Page Spread
Same as 2 Full Pages

Media: Mac or PC Format CD or email ( Info@BamaTime.com) Image Resolution: 300 DPI Ads to be provided in a PDF, EPS or TIFF format. If using a program such as Adobe In-Design, provide all linked files and fonts with the ad.

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